Staycation with Martine Rose and Tommy Hilfiger

Idyllic portraits of men in love show Rose’s American Dream.

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Photo by Buck Ellison.

Poolside, mall-strolling, and cafeteria-hangs; Martine Rose has declared: 90s cool-boy is in. And as you may have guessed, it’s even cooler (and sexier) re-imagined by Ms. Rose.

Everyone’s favorite British menswear designer, Martine Rose, has collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on a rugged-meets-soft 90s Americana capsule collection (something we had been anticipating since we saw Ms. Rose attend the Tommy Hilfiger show at NYFW in September). Flowing towel sweatpants, Hawaii-print button-ups, and pajama-striped boxer shorts are costume-ready for a 90s high school dreamscape designed by Ms. Rose, seamlessly blending contradictory and clashing influences like hip-hop and geek-gay.

Denim cargo chaps, an orange striped jock strap, and a $1000 jacquard toweled robe with matching slippers are also available exclusively on the Martine Rose website.

San Francisco-born artist Buck Ellison photographed the collection in the suburbs of Miami, soaked in his signature American domestic aesthetic. Ms. Rose continues to re-imagine the 90s with scenes of same-sex couples gardening, opening mail, lounging poolside, and reading magazines on the couch. “I really enjoyed being able to explore American subculture and create a campaign that not only celebrates but rightly spotlights marginalized communities,” says Ms. Rose.

If you, too, want to lounge in such style, the collection can be purchased on and

IMAGES: By Buck Ellison, courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger and Martine Rose.

PUBLISHED: November 6th 2022.