Burberry announces Pop Trading Company collection

The Amsterdam-based skate brand is welcomed to Tisci's ever-expanding world of Burberry.

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Images by Ari Marcopoulos, courtesy of Burberry & Pop Trading Company.

For anyone with interests both in skate worlds and fashion, Pop has made its name globally since starting ready-to-wear for its considered approach to cut-and-sew clothing and accessories. The relatively-quiet Amsterdam-based skate brand is just another example of Riccardo Tisci's attuned involvement with various youth cultures. POP's fresh exploration of Benelux skate culture mixed with Tisci's defiant and refined menswear is a genius pairing. The extensive capsule collection features tailoring, outerwear, leather bags, and, of course, skateboards. House codes are re-imagined with an effortless blurred Burberry check in nighttime cityscape colorways and classic leather loafers with the silver Pop Burberry ring logo.

See the full collection photographed by Ari Marcopoulos on Pop skaters including Chima Chibueze, An Vo and Noah Bunink. The collection will be available in Burberry selected stores globally, poptradingcompany.com and burberry.com from 15 June.

IMAGES: COURTESY OF Burberry & Pop Trading Company

PUBLISHED: June 12th, 2022