2021 Woolmark Prize Finalists Celebrated in Film by Saint Heron

Featuring the 2021 International Woolmark Prize winner Matty Bovan; Passage is a collaboration between Solange Knowles, Wu Tsang, and Ib Kamara

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Finalist, Bethany Williams’ looks for the International Woolmark Prize photographed by Ibrahem Hasan

Matty Bovan has been announced the winner of the 2021 International Woolmark Prize and the Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation. The UK-based designer has been praised for his technically advanced jacquard weave designs, unique style, and intricate designs. “Matty is truly and authentically creative, proving and representing that everything starts from pure creativity,” said Thom Browne, who sat on this year’s judging panel.

The other five finalists for the prize included Bethany Williams (UK), Casablanca (France), Kenneth Ize (Nigeria), LECAVALIER (Canada) and THEBE MAGUGU (South Africa).

To honor the six finalists, Saint Heron, the multidisciplinary platform, studio, and creative agency established by Solange Knowles, worked with Woolmark to create a film titled Passage.

Passage director Wu Tsang said, “The collaboration between everyone involved in this project in service of these designers is something so special. Solange has such a strong, unique voice and, along with her poetic approach, used performance as a way to unify and contrast each individual look. Working across theatre and film myself, this felt like the perfect melding of everyone’s visions.”

Nominations are now open for the 2022 International Woolmark Prize, with emerging designers invited to register from now until July 31.

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